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Add-On Haircut – Add haircut to any color service.$55
Haircut – Includes Shampoo, Haircut & blowout$75
Haircut Lux Deal – Includes: Haircut, Scalp Treatment, Intense Deep Conditioning Treatment, Smoothing Blowout, and Atusa’s Signature Style.$125+

Single Color Application

This includes:
Color, Deep Conditioning Treatment, Smoothing Blowout, and Atusa’s Signature Style.

Retouch Color – Covers grey and/or matches color to ends of hair. Up to 2 inch regrowth.$150
All Over Color – All over permanent color (also covers grey).$200+
Grey Coverage & Toner – Covers grey, and tones ends.$200
Lowlights / Reverse Balayage – Opposite of Balayage or highlights. Instead of lightening the hair, we are blending and adding contrast with darker tones.$250+
All Over Toner – This is a glossing service where we tone the hair with a demi-permanent color. $125

Lightening Service

Atusa is the Master of Balayage.

After years of struggling with Balayage, Atusa tried and tried to get it to perfection. The skills of Balayage is creating stunning and natural-looking highlights for clients. The skill set includes a deep understanding of color theory, precise application techniques, and the ability to tailor your approach to each client’s unique preferences and features. Atusa has mastered these skills.

Price for either Balayage or highlights: Starts at $285 and up. It is $30-$50 more per 3 inches of hair length starting from the neck down. If you’d like exact pricing, please text Atusa with picture of your hair, and what you would like done.

Balayage – Balayage looks more natural than highlights. Balayage comes with root smudge or root shadow for a more natural grow-out. Clients typically come back every 3-6 months for retouch.$285+
Highlights – Highlights typically go up all the way to the roots and require clients to come back every 6-8 weeks for a retouch. $285+


Brazilian Blowout Treatment- A Brazilian blowout lasts about three months, although it can last longer with proper care.
Brazilian hair straightening is a semi-permanent hair straightening method done by temporarily sealing a liquid solution consisting of formaldehyde or a formaldehyde derivative and a preservative solution into the hair with a hair iron.
Keratin Treatment- An innovative 2-In-1 delivery system effectively penetrates the cuticle, depositing smoothing actives deep within the cortex while removing external residue and pollutants without disturbing the natural lipid balance. Strands are remarkably softer, healthier and free from frizz for up to 4 weeks.$150+
Add-On Intense Deep Conditioning Treatment- Super-Nutrient Complex this luxurious formula coats each strand, repairing and fortifying the hair while eliminating frizz, promoting shine and restoring softness. This service does not include blow drying if booked alone . $45
Add-On Scalp Treatment- The ultimate solution for common scalp issues like dandruff, flakes, dryness, itchiness, and oiliness. Say goodbye to scalp concerns and hello to healthier, happier hair. This service does not include blow drying if booked alone. $45